Happy anniversary Toshwood!!!

I can’t believe we’ve been blogging about knitting for a whole year! Exactly one year ago we published our first blog post on Toshwood. It’s been a great year of knitting, yarn and spinning. Tove and I would like to thank all of our wonderful readers!


And just because we’re sooo proud of our Toshwood cake:



Toshwood goes Cake Boss

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss episodes on Netflix. I love them! They are short, inspiring and easy going. No huge dramas or traumas. Just good relaxing telly. My only problem is that there’s only four seasons…
So the Toshwood blog has been going for almost a year now. Why not do something fun and inspiring to celebrate? Like having Toshwood go Cake Boss for a day? (No reason to mention that I was dreaming about Toshwood cakes once I came up with that idea, right?)
I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of that modeling chocolate (of course, pronounced with a real Hoboken accent) and found Strössel & annat online to order from.
We had a good time decorating (me, Tove and Tove’s friend Abby). The cake turned out gorgeous (no previews!) and delicious (not even a crumble left at this point I’m afraid), but getting the modeling choclate soft and workable took some muscles. It looks sooo easy on Cake Boss! Well, it got a lot easier when we heated it up a little, but my hands were still aching a little the day after.

Black rainbow

Instead of trying to buy yarn that’s impossible to get a hold of from rude people, I found yarn that’s just as pretty and sold by a lovely friendly woman who got back to me within an hour of me sending her a message on Etsy.


Elaine at FabFunkyFibres dyed this up just for me! Usually she offers this colourway on brown, but was glad to dye it on a black background for me when I asked. Add in a mini skein for cuffs, heels, and toes, and voila! Super fast shipping and the yarn is lovely, bright saturated colours and great to knit with. I was so happy with my yarn I ordered another two skeins (in different colourways) from FabFunkyFibres the other day, so I definitely recommend Elaine to anyone looking for hand dyed self striping sock yarn.

Picture of the WIP to come. I had a slight (total!) setback that had nothing to do with the yarn and everything to do with my own pickiness, so right now it’s only a cuff…


BuBa – Turning hobby into business

Just the other day I had an email from a former colleague, Magdalena Balbous. She told me that she had started up her own business and that I could view her items on Facebook – BuBa. Currently the items are custom made for each order and ordered via Facebook or email. (I’m doing my best to promote Etsy to her as I’m sort of in love with Etsy if you hadn’t noticed).

The following pictures are from her Facebook page showing a selection of the cute things she makes.



I love that she’s turning her hobby into a way to make a living from handcraft and yarn. I wish her all the best!


Baby blankets

So yes, I’m being a little absent from the blog just now. I’m in a baby bubble or something. Our little baby girl was born just two weeks ago and I hope I can get knitting and blogging soon again.

Here’s some pictures of the baby blankets that my mother-in-law made for our little princess.


The pink and beige one with embroidered cats looks like ice-cream.



Fantastic Fantasia

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to the second most important new arrival to the Toshwood “family”:


She’s a very distant second to a very special lady who also arrived last week, but I think she’s pretty awesome anyway! She’s a Kromski Fantasia, and her name is Helena, after one of my favourite ladies in sci fi:


Just like her namesake, she’s a modern twist on a classic. I just hope she’s slightly less stubborn..!




My wheel is waiting for me at the post office!! So exciting!

(Picture from the Stockholm City Museum. I didn’t really have time to have a good look at the section about crafts, but look how cute!)


More Moo

Seems I was juuuust the tiniest bit too quick with my entry yesterday, as I received an email from Moo today:

For all of March, all new customers making their first purchase receive 10% off if they follow this link. Like I said yesterday (before I received this email!) I was really impressed with both their products and their service, and will definitely use them again.

In addition to business cards and stickers, they also offer postcards, notecards and various accessories. Code is valid for all of them, so have a look!

(this entry is coming to you from Zurich airport, Switzerland. It’s an international blog today!)