Collins Brook Cowl

So I turned the Diadem DK I got for Christmas into a cowl.

I have to say… I don’t love the finished result. Booo! The pattern is lovely, the yarn is lovely (although I’ll get to that in a minute), so I think the blame is all with me. It’s not long enough to wrap three times, and not wide enough to really work when you wrap it twice. Plus it curls something fierce, even with some heavy blocking. Sad.

So, the yarn. Feels luxurious. Super shiny. Super soft. Broke twice while I was knitting (actually once while I was knitting and once while binding off). The twist is just so loose that it came untwisted to the point of just pulling apart. I can definitely see why KnitPicks didn’t go ahead and make this part of their line. Which is too bad, because it really does both look and feel lovely.


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