Wheel progress

I’ve been kind of a rubbish knitter lately, but hopefully soon I’ll be more inspired and prolific. And in terribly exciting news (for me!) I’m just about ready to buy a spinning wheel. I can’t wait!


Roving on Esty

Etsy.com is a gold mine for many things. Lately I’ve been discovering roving. I’m not sure about import rules for raw fleece so roving seems a better option.

2014-02-23 15.14.35

Super soft merino from linda desbiens, wool and silk blend from Mara and baby alpaca from alltheprettyfibers. Sometime soon I’ll turn them into yarn!


Unusual gift for the hostess

Once in a while I attend a book club. It’s me and a few neighbor wives. One of them, my good friend from the riding class, lives quite near me on a farm. She gave me some sheep wool when I got spinning. So I decided to make her a skein and try out the Jeaba red.

Spinning from short fibers is, I have to conclude, rather difficult.



Collins Brook Cowl

So I turned the Diadem DK I got for Christmas into a cowl.

I have to say… I don’t love the finished result. Booo! The pattern is lovely, the yarn is lovely (although I’ll get to that in a minute), so I think the blame is all with me. It’s not long enough to wrap three times, and not wide enough to really work when you wrap it twice. Plus it curls something fierce, even with some heavy blocking. Sad.

So, the yarn. Feels luxurious. Super shiny. Super soft. Broke twice while I was knitting (actually once while I was knitting and once while binding off). The twist is just so loose that it came untwisted to the point of just pulling apart. I can definitely see why KnitPicks didn’t go ahead and make this part of their line. Which is too bad, because it really does both look and feel lovely.


WIP Wednesday: Something yellow

I’ve had this idea in mind for ages, but no yarn that felt right. Then I realized I had a couple of natural Madelinetosh Merino Light laying around. So I decided to have a go with my Jeaba colors and dye my own blend of yellow for this specific project.

To early to tell how it will turn out, but I’m hopeful!

2014-02-08 21.04.50


Silver Belle progress

My Silver Belle has been resting for a bit. I had a ruff start where I didn’t like the beginning and had to rip and work out my own way. And then of course the fact that every row contains a lot of stitches doesn’t contribute to speedy progress. My Silver Belle will take some time.

Last Wednesday we had out first knit cafĂ© at the office with 6 of my colleagues joining in and before we were done another two had signed up for next time (whenever that will be…) I took on the role as instructor and between the instructing managed to make another one and a half row on my Silver Belle. It’s turning out really nice!

2014-02-07 21.27.01

2014-02-07 21.27.13

2014-02-07 21.27.21