Rikke 2

Apparently I never posted about this, which is weird because I finished it two months ago and have been wearing it pretty much nonstop since then.

This is Rikke, which in my opinion may just be the perfect beanie pattern. It’s so perfect that this is my second one! My first one, in Tosh Merino DK in Steam Age, more or less lived on my head last winter. This new one is also knit in Tosh Merino DK, in Badlands, which is yet another of those GREAT neutrals by Madelinetosh that are just gorgeous knit up in garter stitch.

Both of my Rikkes are among my favourite ever finished objects, and certainly among the ones I’ve used the most. It’s a bit of a slog to knit, because it’s just garter stitch for endless rounds, but it’s such a great versatile hat that looks good on everyone and is warm and comfy and, well, perfect. Heartily recommend it!


Organizing beads

Okay, so I guess you wouldn’t be terribly interested in me organizing beads… It’s just that some cats are more photogenic than others (not thinking about any cat in particular… lalala). This is my little lens shy princess helping me out.




Hello Jeaba!

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Conveniently I discovered that they’ve opened a covered market (Saluhallen Slakteriet) in Västerås where Gårdsmejeri Ostbiten och Ateljé Norrgården has a small corner. Among cheeses and yarn they also sell Jeaba for dying yarn. I wished for the start kit!


Needing some yarn to try my new colors on I set to spin the last of my white alpaca fleece into a nice single ply fingering weight.




Your chair?! How do you mean??

Learning a few tricks about a good soaking and drying the yarn stretched to keep my single ply from twirling itself. (Both I and Tove are EXTREMELY fond of single ply yarns). Oh, and I had some soap in the water as the alpaca fleece wasn’t washed.



Then to the dying part (wearing plastic gloves to keep from dying myself too…) I found it easiest to work the color into the yarn using my plastic glove covered fingers.



Then the yarn and the color will rest for about 24 hours.

package to rest 2

Washed and hanging to dry. Sneaky tip of how to stretch the yarn while drying.






Secret garden finished!

At some point I thought I’d never finish it… But now it is finished! All sleeves, i-cords for tying in place and no more loose ends.

secret garden_blocking1

And after blocking.


And with matching bonnet!


Pattern review:


Secret Garden by Anna Richardson, OneHandKnits


  • Very nice and stretchy lace pattern!
  • Cute pattern
  • Once you figure out how to read it, easy to follow.


  • The sizes are a bit tricky to separate in the written instructions. It’s mainly the beginnings and the endings of each row that are separated in the same way as the sizes, i.e. Newborn (3-6mos; 9-12mos; 15-18mos).
  • As I mentioned before, I can’t see the point in knitting so small a cardi in pieces and sew them together. Instead I modified the pattern to knit it all in one piece.