Washing fiber

I discovered that there are many ways to wash fiber when running some searches on the internet. Some advanced, some easier, some containing chemicals and others more eco friendly. I prefer being eco friendly. Apparently ammoniac and lanolin (wool fat) combined generates some sort of soap, but not to eco friendly I’m afraid.

That is when I discovered soap nuts. I had never heard of it. It’s not actually nuts, it’s a small dried fruit from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, one of several trees referred to as soap nut trees. The soap nuts have been used for washing in India for a very long time. Being a little skeptical (just what you should be) I had to do some more reading before concluding that this really seems to be a good eco friendly alternative.


I boiled some soap nuts and then used about 3 tablespoons decoction in a finger warm bath.


For unwashed fiber I did two baths.


  • Washes fiber really well (since you can wash your hair with the soap nuts too)
  • No insecticidals needed when growing the soap nuts since the saponin in the fruits keep insects away
  • Saponin is the natural detergent
  • The trees grow naturally in their environment and are a needed addition to the eco system


  • Ships from Asia

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