Why make it easy when it could be hard?

Remember how I HAD TO HAVE the yarn for my Tube socks? And how that yarn is hand dyed in tiny batches that go up every other week and are sold out within minutes? And how it’s kind of really quite expensive for a pair of socks?


I really NEED this self-striping bright rainbow sock yarn, dyed by an indie dyer in small batches, posted every other week and gone within minutes of being up.

Sound familiar?

Whyyyyy must I want such peculiar things? Why can’t I covet something that’s readily available and more affordable?!

In my defense, though, I a) I loved knitting with the Mind the Gap yarn and b) love the finished socks. There are some things you just can’t get when sticking to commercial yarn.

(I’m now trying to convince myself that the rainbow yarn is the only I one I need… there’s also this one, and this one, and this one, and this one…)


2 thoughts on “Why make it easy when it could be hard?

  1. Because cheaper yarn tends to be more generic and tedious :) I am currently fighting against my desires to just have kettle-dyed solids for EVERYTHING for reasons of money and it’s sad.

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