Secret garden progress

I’m happy to report that the Secret garden is coming along, somewhat nicely.

It’s veeery soft, but a lesson learnt is probably that the stitch definition in this lace pattern in DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk and a set of 3 mm needles isn’t perfect. I hope blocking will even it out a little. It’s mainly the decreases that becomes a bit uneven.

2013-12-03 21.19.51


I did the body piece in one piece and from row 57 I  finishing the back and front pieces separately.

I’m not sure if I made a mistake (design features, yep), but for a 3 needle bind-off I did 4 extra rows on each front piece to finish with 22 live stitches on each shoulder. Likewise I left 22 live stitches for each shoulder on the back piece on the bind-off row. Then I used the 3 needle bind-off to fit the pieces together.

2013-12-03 21.19.59


Instead of slipping stitches between the pieces I followed the chart A and knit the last stitch through the back loop making a nice distinction in the sides.

Now, ready for sleeves! And then finishing details like I-chords.