Knitting sleeves

I’m decided to finish my Secret garden now before starting something new and/or continuing on my Silver Belle.

2013-12-14 17.27.11

I couldn’t resist adding the moss green i-cord at the bottom just to see the result.

2013-12-14 17.27.35

But knitting on an i-cord to the end of the sleeve wasn’t my cup of tea. In fact I don’t think it’s very practical. Babies have small hands and very likely short arms (especially if the cardi will be something to grow in). Should the sleeve be too long an i-cord cuff will not remain on the wrist. So I ripped the i-cord cuff and knitted on a ribbed cuff instead.

2013-12-14 17.27.24

Only the rest of the second sleeve and the ribbons to tie with left!


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