So I’m picky, deal with it

I got started on my Silver Belle and after 5 rows (approximately 2000 stitches) I realized that I had missed one B section (should I kick myself now or later?) Oh, well, I had also realized that I don’t like starting the cables on row 2 and that doing so messes up the bottom edge (and in the pattern it’s just left like that). Hmmmm.

2013-11-21 11.32.26

It’s not thaaat bad, but on something I’m going to invest I don’t know how many hours, well, I’m just not satisfied.

So after a few days pondering I tried out a solution where I cast on 4 extra stitches for the B section cable and 2 extra stitches for each cable on the C section.

2013-11-21 09.52.19

2013-11-21 09.52.11

I’ve then decreased on the right side using the ssk and the k2tog, (once on row 2 for the C section and twice for the B section, i.e once on row 2 and once on row 4).┬áIn total 4 extra rows using the pattern except for decreases and skipping the cables. For the A and D section I made no changes, but skipped the cables on the 4 first rows.

This way I will keep the same shaping, but in a more controlled way. I just think this might work.


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