(Almost) one and a quarter sock

The Tube socks are coming along nicely, after having been on a wee break while I marathoned shawls and finished a hat. The first one really is a tube sock right now, still lacking its heel, and the second, well, exists past the ribbing, which is more than I could say at the start of the week.


(My feet are so flat I could potentially get away with keeping these heel-less. I’m not gonna, but I could.)


3 thoughts on “(Almost) one and a quarter sock

  1. BEAUTIFUL. How is the wool? I made the mistake of making Jaywalkers in Noro a while back and they look pretty but I find myself just not wanting to wear them :/ By contrast the slightly weird looking Mexico Cotton Stretch has been fantastic and even held up against an accidental journey in the tumble dryer.

    • It’s a basic plied 75% superwash wool 25% nylon mix, like eg Regia and Opal, which is how I like my sock yarn (when used for actual socks). Obvs I haven’t worn them yet but it feels durable yet comfy on the hands, at least :-) I’d never knit socks out of yarn that has no nylon or similar in them, tbh, it just feels like begging for holes.

      My Jaywalkers are like five years old (crikey) and have been worn A LOT and also been through the tumble dryer wayyyyy more than once and have only recently begun to give up on me (WOE). I have high hopes for this pair since the afterthought heel (which I’m doing for striping purposes) will have the added bonus of being replaceable if/when it wears out!

      • 😀 Nice. I think I am actually going to frog my Jaywalkers and then remake them eventually in something else because rn they are not really to be worn, and I can probably salvage the yarn for something else before it dies completely. I think I can get Zauberball in my LYS so I might try that.

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