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The good thing about clothes for small people is that they’re not much bigger than a shawl project. My next challenge is the small cardigan Secret Garden from Anna Richardson.

However, I can’t see the point in knitting that small a cardigan in parts to sew it together. After some struggle in reading the pattern (because of how the various extras for each size is written out) I decided to cast on for all parts at once knitting front pieces and back pieces together until I reach the armpits. Then I plan to finish each part separately leaving the shoulders with live stitches for a 3 needle bind-off.

I’ve replaced the slipped stitches on the back piece with whatever stitch is next according to the A chart. (I can’t be more detailed since it’s a pattern for purchase…)

And I think I’m getting picky (changing patterns to my own taste and all…). I really can’t see the benefit of the cast-on method chosen in the pattern and finally went with the traditional long-tail cast-on.

I’ve chosen another color from DROPS Babyalpaca and thought I would do the I-cord details in the same green I did the bonnet.

2013-10-31 19.17.28


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