Stand back. Train approaching.


I finished the second tube yesterday, and as of five minutes ago…




Love them. I was going to go with a short row heel, but changed my mind at the last minute and went with a basic afterthought heel, which I think was good as the short row would have taken up at least three stripes and that would not have been ideal. They’re a teensy tiny bit too long in the toe for me, but I figure I’ll mostly wear them over tights anyway so no matter. Aside from that, they fit really well, and did I mention I love them? Because I do. I wonder if I have enough left for a pair of mitts…


So I’m picky, deal with it

I got started on my Silver Belle and after 5 rows (approximately 2000 stitches) I realized that I had missed one B section (should I kick myself now or later?) Oh, well, I had also realized that I don’t like starting the cables on row 2 and that doing so messes up the bottom edge (and in the pattern it’s just left like that). Hmmmm.

2013-11-21 11.32.26

It’s not thaaat bad, but on something I’m going to invest I don’t know how many hours, well, I’m just not satisfied.

So after a few days pondering I tried out a solution where I cast on 4 extra stitches for the B section cable and 2 extra stitches for each cable on the C section.

2013-11-21 09.52.19

2013-11-21 09.52.11

I’ve then decreased on the right side using the ssk and the k2tog, (once on row 2 for the C section and twice for the B section, i.e once on row 2 and once on row 4). In total 4 extra rows using the pattern except for decreases and skipping the cables. For the A and D section I made no changes, but skipped the cables on the 4 first rows.

This way I will keep the same shaping, but in a more controlled way. I just think this might work.


They’re exactly the same size on the inside, though

This is by far the most-suited-for-this-blog project I have ever knit… And I haven’t been able to talk about it until now, even though I knit these in August/September. Silly birthdays with their fixed dates.

23 November is not just the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, it’s also the 18th birthday of the biggest Whovian I know. How could I NOT knit her these?


TARDIS socks, in Regia 4-ply in Royal (as well as white; the black is Drops Fabel) which ticks all my “ideal actual sock yarn” boxes – 75% wool, 25% nylon, tightly plied. And the colour is a perfect Tardis blue.



I’m writing this before the big handover and scheduling it to go up after, but hopefully they’re a success. Happy birthday, Ruthifer! 😀


The important part of packing

On Wednesday, I’m off to the US for nearly a month, which I’m MASSIVELY excited about and have been looking forward to for absolute ages. For a knitter, travelling means travel knitting, and a month is a long time, so I’m going the multiple project route.

Now, for me, ideal travel knitting is something that is

  • portable – no beaded shawls or fair isle with eight colours
  • small
  • easy enough to memorise that it does not require constant access to pattern
  • not so boring you end up wanting to stab your eyes out (that’s for TV knitting).

Having considered this, I’ve decided on three projects.

My Tube Socks, which are about 75% done. Good, mindless knitting, made fun by the stripes. (I’m not kidding, it really does make it fun. I don’t know why, but it does.) I don’t think I’ll risk knitting on the plane – last time I had my knitting in my carry-on I was stressed out about someone taking my needles at every layover, and didn’t knit a single row anyway, plus I have a book I’ve been counting down the days til its release to read – but it should be good for semi-social situations.

Jackson Square, which I’ve had planned since June and am really looking forward to. The main body of the shawl is simple enough to make it ideal travel knitting, really.

And in the unlikely event I finish both of those things, the backup project is Catkin, because I have the yarn for it waiting for me in the US.

I may not be as active on the blog whilst across the pond – too busy eating turkey! – but since I am going to see The Day of the Doctor in the cinema (eeee!) I should hopefully at least have something to say about that!


Thunderstorm is here

Yesterday my 9 skeins of Madelinetosh Chunky in Thunderstorm arrived and with a surprise yarn lotto ticket.

2013-11-15 22.44.07

I scratched immediately and…

2013-11-15 22.45.54

Yeah, I got a Malabrigo skein! (Tove and I both agreed the yarn lotto idea is a brilliant one).

Today I started my Silver Belle, naturally with the boring stuff first. After swatching and measuring I decided to go for the smaller size because even though I decreased the needle size to 4 mm my swatch was still slightly bigger than the pattern gauge.

2013-11-16 14.45.40

I’ve now made some progress. Cast on and knit two rows. The yarn is lovely!

I’ve also had a chance to check out Eat.Sleep.Knit a bit more and they have some lovely yarn brands in stock. The site is easily navigated and the pictures are wonderful. I think I might have found a new favorite yarn shop! AND customs didn’t stop my package this time (woho)!


(Almost) one and a quarter sock

The Tube socks are coming along nicely, after having been on a wee break while I marathoned shawls and finished a hat. The first one really is a tube sock right now, still lacking its heel, and the second, well, exists past the ribbing, which is more than I could say at the start of the week.


(My feet are so flat I could potentially get away with keeping these heel-less. I’m not gonna, but I could.)


Baaad fingers…

My fingers just clicked home an order of 9 skeins Madelinetosh Chunky. Ooops! Well, I have thought about it for ONE WHOLE DAY so it’s not all an impulse.

It began yesterday when I started thinking about knitting a cardigan or sweater or something and happened to find Silver Belle/Romy from Debbie Bliss. Love at first sight! Even if I was quite tired (I will have to blame that whole power outage morning escapade where I had to wash, dress and make myself ready in candle light…) I’ve concluded that I really WAS tired, because I didn’t see the free PDF pattern link and bought the book from Amazon. Oh, well!

I’ve now spent a whole day thinking about what yarn to use and finally decided that I’m too much in love with Thunderstorm from Madelinetosh to feel okay knitting with something else. I’ve never tried Chunky though, so some changes at least.

After some searches I found Eat.Sleep.Knit where they actually had enough Thunderstorm Chunky in stock and took it as a sign. I mean, it’s SOOO OBVIOUS. A yarn shop with cats in their logo, my selected yarn in stock and ships to Sweden = BUY IT!

I’m sooo excited! I wish I could start tomorrow. Perhaps I can start to decipher the pattern or something…



The pictures are from the Liliaceae shawl by Angelika Luidl that I did (in Thunderstorm). Look at that wonderful color!


New challenge

The good thing about clothes for small people is that they’re not much bigger than a shawl project. My next challenge is the small cardigan Secret Garden from Anna Richardson.

However, I can’t see the point in knitting that small a cardigan in parts to sew it together. After some struggle in reading the pattern (because of how the various extras for each size is written out) I decided to cast on for all parts at once knitting front pieces and back pieces together until I reach the armpits. Then I plan to finish each part separately leaving the shoulders with live stitches for a 3 needle bind-off.

I’ve replaced the slipped stitches on the back piece with whatever stitch is next according to the A chart. (I can’t be more detailed since it’s a pattern for purchase…)

And I think I’m getting picky (changing patterns to my own taste and all…). I really can’t see the benefit of the cast-on method chosen in the pattern and finally went with the traditional long-tail cast-on.

I’ve chosen another color from DROPS Babyalpaca and thought I would do the I-cord details in the same green I did the bonnet.

2013-10-31 19.17.28