Surprise x2

The problem with surprise knitting for people who read your blog is you can’t post about it until it’s over and done with.



Geology Shawl in Tosh Sock in Moorland for my mother. This was such a fun knit. It was eight days from cast on to cast off (the majority of which was done during a weekend when I watched the entirety of Broadchurch), which must be a record for me. Highly recommend the pattern. So much fun to knit and really pretty.


It hurt my heart a liiiiiittle to give it away (the yarn was one the first skeins of Tosh I ever bought, during my California trip in 2011) but my mum was so pleased with it, it was totally worth it.



Revontuli in Zauberball in Cafe Flair, also from the stash, for my sister. Love how the yarn and the pattern work together. (I DON’T love how I at no point during knitting it – not even when deciding to cast off twenty rows early – weighed my yarn and thus ended up with 19 grams left over. Oh well.) Sister also well pleased. And I’m so happy they’re both happy!


Cat approved.


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