Small bonnet for small head

There are of course many patterns for baby cloth and hats no less.

After many choosy hours I decided to try Anne Bouets Marius Bonnet. I went through my stash only to discover my stash lacks of happy baby colors. Finally I fell for a moss or olive green alpaca from DROPS, which I think could go well with a pale baby face.

I discovered a miss in the pattern, row 3 in the lace section. A yarn over is missing after the slip 2 together, knit 1 and pass slipped stitch over. So, with that little yarn over added things worked nicely.

I did a few more changes. Instead of knitting the ribbing edge on the front, bind off before picking up the garter stitches and adding ribbing to the back separately, I picked up the garter stitches on the first round of working the ribbing. On the bind off round I knitted past and left the 4 first stitches on the garter on a holder. From the last 4 stitches (the other garter section) I continued with an I-cord. Finally I went back to pick up the 4 stitches on the holder and made another I-cord for tying.

2013-10-26 18.57.35

2013-10-26 18.57.42


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