Spinning finale

Last Sunday Tove and I enjoyed the last spinning course day and among other things learnt how to ply. My plied contributions are my first arty attempts (the white skein) and then the gray one (the latter I’m quite proud of).

2013-10-22 19.40.58


And Tove’s wonderful masterpieces.


As we were introduced to the gentlemen last time, this time we got to meet the ladies (not all with impeccable table manners).


To ensure our progress in spinning we eagerly purchased some lovely wool. The brown one is so amazingly beautifully shaded I’m kind of dying to make yarn from it. Even Tove, who tried her best to resist, couldn’t.

2013-10-20 13.51.47

2013-10-20 13.51.51


2013-10-22 19.42.23

But, tiny little hiccup, the need of wheels. Yesterday I set out to remedy this and came home with Clara, named, of course, after a brave and clever character Tove and I just can’t get enough of.

2013-10-22 19.38.14

Finally, to ensure all of our wonderful readers that we’re in no way attempting to give up on knitting we also enjoyed a lovely Saturday evening knitting. (Proof below!)

2013-10-19 20.45.21


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