Spinning progress

I’ve been hard at it carding and stuck by the wheel trying to get the hang of spinning. And of course in the front of the fire practically boiling (flushed cheeks) all because we learnt last Saturday that wool needs about 23-24 degrees Celsius for the wool fat (lanolin) to melt and make the spinning a whole lot easier. So newbie and all I felt I really needed the best possible start.




I have now proudly produced 3 skeins, two from fat wool and one from not so fat alpaca. The alpaca went best, not because of the fleece itself, rather because it was the last one I did. It’s a lot more even than the others. (The alpaca is heavenly soft! I want to spin more and more and more….)


One trick is to spin with unwashed fleece to get the best effect from the fat. Even alpaca fleece is a little fat, although nothing compared to wool. But look at my fingers!



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