After weeks and weeks of endless stockinette, my Whippoorwill is finally finished.


I love love LOVE the finished shawl. It’s huge and lovely and stays on your shoulders and I predict I’ll wear it all the time. Knitting it, however, was kind of a PITA from the beginning. It’s a good pattern, well written, nicely constructed etc, but there is just soooo much stockinette. I think it could be really good for novice knitters wanting to branch out into shawls, but I was just…. bored pretty much throughout.


Knitting in the dark

New house, light summer evenings, lots to do. I suppose it’s only natural that lamps are the last thing you think of to add. Besides, I don’t much like installing lamps. I like when they are there. And we want to be sure they are installed exactly where we want them to be.

So last evening I took up my eternity project, the Islandic jumper, and finished the bottom ribbing. It’s fairly easy to knit ribbing in obscure light or perhaps stockinette rows in the round (which is next). IMG_1423


The bead-eater

I am near to finished with the Glitz at the Ritz shawl. I’m actually at the bind off, but ran out of beads. So this is the third time I’m ordering the same kind of beads for this little master piece. Not that I’m in a hurry. In fact, we moved to the countryside just a couple of weeks ago so it’s a wonder I’ve managed to knit anything at all. But I long for it to be finished!


The beads arrived yesterday! So I’ve scheduled some knitting time today.