I loooooove cables. Love love love. They do tend to look quite funny while in progress, though.


Top part: fine; lower part: worms in a rainstorm.

Quite enjoying knitting this shawl! The actual pattern is annoying me a bit, but the knitting itself is good times.


2 thoughts on “Cables

  1. Can you tell me how to complete sk2psso? I have overthought this and now I am second guessing myself! Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi Jane! Thanks for your comment, hope you’re enjoying the blog! :-)

    sk2psso: slip one stitch knitwise. Knit next two stitches. Pass the slipped stitch over the two stitches you just knit. So you start with three stitches and end up with two, with a little bar (the slipped stitch) going across them.

    Hope that helps!

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