The good, the not so good, the nosebleed bad

Writing about Warehouse 13 got me thinking about TV knitting in general. There’s a certain balance you have to find when it comes to TV knitting. I find that it really doesn’t matter THAT much how complex the pattern is – though of course some things, like a row that includes p5togtbl and such nonsense, do not lend themselves to TV knitting at all – some shows are better suited than others for knitting to. Here are some of my personal examples:


Good TV knitting shows

Supernatural. This is EXCELLENT knitting telly (except maybe the brunt of season 8, which was so boring I can hardly recall what even happened). It’s exciting and entertaining enough to keep you having fun, but paced so that you can look down without really missing any of the plot. When this show was still on on Fridays, I used to watch it Sunday mornings with a cuppa coffee and have a lovely 45 minute knitting block. Good times.


Cake Boss. Perfectly fluffy nonsense. Great for lace.


Twin Peaks. Whilst a tooooootal mindtrip, this show is really quite slow. You have plenty of time to look up in order to catch weird important stuff. (Maybe don’t knit while watching the Red Room scenes, though. You’ll probably mess up.)



Okay TV knitting shows

Sherlock. Sherlock spends an awful lot of time talking at people. It’s good for when you need to look away.


Doctor Who. Preferably not a first viewing, but most of the time the plot doesn’t REAAAAALLY make sense when you think about it anyway, so it’s okay if you miss a few moments.


Warehouse 13. You might miss a few of Pete’s stupid faces or some cool purple flashing, but you shouldn’t get too lost in regards to plot.



Shows badly tailored for TV knitting

Torchwood. If only because you might miss Ianto’s zingers, which is just tragic.


The X-Files. Too much unspoken communication.


How I Met Your Mother. It’s too short. In fact, any 21-minute show is too short for knitting. You’ll spend more time watching than knitting and thus get nothing done. If you want to do it, better line up a marathon.



Just don’t even try

Lost. I’ve seen this whole series three times in its entirety; I foolishly thought I could knit along to rewatch #4. Nope. Even winding yarn is out of the question.





2 thoughts on “The good, the not so good, the nosebleed bad

  1. This is an excellent idea for a post! There should be a full database of knitter-approved TV knitting.

    My favourite things to knit to are things like sketch shows, for example I can work my way through the complete Monty Python or A Bit of Fry and Laurie; 90s gameshows that I used to watch as a kid, so The Crystal Maze and Knightmare. I also have the complete Pink Panther cartoons lined up for when we finally get a telly. Anything formulaic, things without plot and/or anything I’ve seen previously.

    My stockinette-only list would be anything in a foreign language (still includes Dutch stuff), Game of Thrones (as it’s sometimes hard enough to work out who everybody is anyway), and anything fast paced/exciting/where they treat the viewer as intelligent and the plot points are not all thunderingly signposted.

    I don’t have a no-knitting ever list but that’s because I’m hardcore…or foolish XD

  2. Just brilliant! I totally agree! Not that I try knitting while watching… I do other stuff 😉 Supernatural is good while cleaning.

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