Under the pear tree

Last Saturday was a particularly fine day. Sparkling blue sky, burning sun and thankfully my dear friend Emilia has a nice shadowy pear tree under which you can enjoy especially fine days. Emilia and I go way back and she’s the proud owner of the blog Ett rött hus på landet. It’s not about knitting yet, but she has expressed her desire to learn and I willingly demonstrated the Glitz at the Ritz as a bait.


Her little helper Elliot (as helpful as Nishant, if not more so) assists in knitting. Apparently he favors soft things. I suggested a good sturdy project bag for forthcoming knitting.



Petting bunnies and they’re soooo soft! I had forgotten that about bunnies.


Apparently it is a tough job to collect all the chickens, or split them up, depends on your point of view… (I suspect one is more fun than the other).



And a wonderful yellow.


Before I left Emilia handed me a little bag of second-hand jewelry. Now all mine to tear up and use in good knitty ways.



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