But I NEED it

A while ago I found this yarn which I need. NEED. NEED I TELL YOU.

The yarn in question is Trailing Clouds’ Mind the Gap. I need it. (I know I said that already, but it bears repeating.) I NEED a pair of London Underground socks. I’ll call them my tube socks and it’ll be punny, ha ha ha.

After being distraught to find out that her Etsy store is on indefinite hiatus, as well as that no one on Ravelry will trade or sell their skeins, I have now found her new store where yarn goes up on Thursdays. Today is Friday. Some Mind the Gap went up yesterday and is, of course, sold out. Woe.

BRB, setting alarms for Thursday evenings on every device I own.

(This yarn is totally exempt from the yarn diet because a) I’ve lived in London and miss it a little every day and b) sock yarn doesn’t count as stash anyway. Everyone knows this.)


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