My stone obsession

Sometimes you forget important facts from your past. Not sure if it has to do with the general memory capacity, selective memory or pure denial. Anyway, I was going through some stuff I had forgotten that I had. Ehrm.

When I was little I had a huge drawer under my bed basically filled with pretty stones that I had collected from all corners of Sweden. At some point the collection had grown rather massive and I was forced to do something about it. I decided to only keep the REALLY special ones. In a REALLY special box (I made the box in school).

Photo 2013-06-16 15 54 58

Okay, so I’ve bought many of them… Pieces of Amethyst just don’t lay around mountain trails like that. Unfortunately. (I’ve spent years checking). I found one once. Off the trail it was, with rocks everywhere. It had like a purple eye just looking at me. It was too big for me to dig loose though and I was falling behind my family. We tried to find it again on our way back, which was of course impossible. I still wish I had tried harder.

Photo 2013-06-16 13 59 03

And this convenient map of gemstones was stuffed away. So you see, the stone obsession isn’t exactly new. It’s just been resting for a few years (15). Waiting for the perfect time to surface again.



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