Tips Theme Week: Beads, buttons and other necessary things

Depending on how elaborate the items you like to knit are, there are some accessories that might be tricky to find, or rather, they are if you don’t know where to look for them.

EVERYTHING can be found at Etsy (no need to mention that I’ve, ehrm, purchased regency underpinnings from here as well…) Similarly to the concept of Amazon, Etsy is like a marketplace with lots and lots of different shops, be it yarn, beads, stitch markers, elaborate jewelry, buttons, beads, handmade underpinnings or tiny crochet hooks for adjusting your dreadlocks, also known as an excellent tool for placing beads in your knitting.

To give you an idea, here are some of the knitting related items that Tove and I have bought from Etsy:

  • 0.6 mm crochet hook
  • Case to keep needles and knit tools
  • Gemstone beads
  • Coconut shell buttons

The trick is to know what you are looking for and search for the correct terms. On Esty it’s usually a good idea to search in their supply section. There’s also several yarn shops represented. So, beware, you can end up spending days and days and days on Etsy!


Some things are ideal to buy second hand like a yarn winder. I got mine on Tradera. I have yet to get something knit related from eBay (my only experience so far was the Alice in Wonderland coat I ordered from China… which I REALLY needed and which is totally awesome!), but Tove bought both her ball winder and her tiny bead crochet hook from Chinese eBay sellers.

Buttons and beads are a bit trying to chase after here in Sweden. There’s not too much available on the market. So thank goodness there’s the Internet. The following shops specialize in hobby craft supplies:

  • Kristallrummet is a Swedish online shop for crystals and items for making your own jewelry. I’ve purchased beads from here and they offer good service. I believe they have a boutique in Stockholm as well, but I’ve never been there.
  • Pärltorget is an online bead shop based in Falun, with a great selection of seed beeds. Tove has shopped here before with great results.
  • Panduro is the most famous shop in Sweden for getting beads, clay and everything imaginable. They have an online shop as well.

Just running a search on the Internet I came across a few other online shops as well. I have yet to try them though. If you’ve tried them please let us know and tell us what you think!


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