Tips Theme Week: Books and magazines

While the rest of our tips and resources have focused mainly on the online side of things, today we’re going to share some print resources. Neither Anneli nor I are that well-versed in the world of knitting books and magazines, but we do own some.

  • A good stitch dictionary is a goldmine when creating your own patterns, or adapting existing ones. There’s something about flicking through a book for inspiration you just can’t quite replicate with websites. I own 400 Knitting Stitches but would gladly have more stitch dictionaries in my collection.
  • For us yarnoholics who keep buying skeins without an intended project in mind, the One Skein Wonders series is a fun source of inspiration and nice patterns. I have the 101 Designer one, and though I’ve not yet knit anything from it, there are lots I can see myself knitting in the future.
  • Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot has written a whole bunch of knitting books. Both of us own Knitting Rules! which I can heartily recommend – it’s a great mix of funny anecdotes, useful tips and tricks, and some basic pattern ideas. A really fun read. Anneli also owns The Secret Life of a Knitter.
  • The last time I was in the US I purchased The Knitter’s Life List. I’ve yet to read it properly, but what I have read I absolutely love. It’s more inspirational than instructional, and really adds something all its own.
  • Anneli owns A Stitch in Time – Vintage Knitting Patterns 1930-1959: Vol. 2 and it’s GORGEOUS. The pictures, the patterns, the styling – all of it is stunning.
  • A book neither of us have read but both would really like to own is Knit to Flatter. Exactly what you need before embarking on the scary journey of knitting things that actually have to FIT. (This is at least half the reason I make so many lace accessories. People think it’s impressive and hard; really it’s because I’m a coward. A shawl always fits.)

The only knitting magazine I have personally bought is Vogue Knitting (one whole issue) so I don’t feel overly confident talking about this side of knitting. As a kid, my mother subscribed to a handicrafts magazine of some sort, which I always thought was really fun to browse through (usually when I should be sleeping). There were also the knitting pages in the “housewife” magazines, but other than that we didn’t really have a “magazine culture” for knitting in Sweden until just recently, and it’s still quite a poor selection. You CAN get the bigger international ones at well-stocked newspaper and magazine shops, but they’re hideously overpriced (twice the original price, at least). Having said that, some of the magazines on the market are:

Do you have any favourite print resources? A book you can’t live without? Share it in the comments!


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