Tips Theme Week: Designers

One of my favourite things about Ravelry is that it really gives independent pattern designers a stage to show off their work on. I don’t even want to think about how much time I’ve spent using the pattern browser, because it would probably be depressing and make me want to go home and rethink my life. While this “hobby” often leads me to new (to me) designers, there are a few that pop up over and over again. Here are a few of our favourite designers, on Ravelry and elsewhere.

  • Kieran Foley (Ravelry), whose entire body of work would go in my Ravelry queue, if I kept one. (I don’t. It’s stressful. Or I’m lazy.) His lace designs are simply gorgeous and I want to make ALL OF THEM. (In fact, I just bought three of his patterns. Oops.)
  • Gudrun Johnston (Ravelry) is GREAT at cardigans. There are at least four I want to make (and one of them is my upcoming cardi project that I’ve already swatched for and everything!) and a whole bunch more I wish I could pull off. Gorgeous.
  • Kitman Figueroa (Ravelry) designs lovely shawls which combine lace and texture in really interesting ways.
  • Evelyn A. Clark (Ravelry) is the creator of the first-ever lace project I knit, and designs gorgeous lace triangles inspired by traditional patterns from around the world.
  • Beth Kling (Ravelry only) is someone I’ve discovered recently and who makes gorgeous, unique shawl patterns. Anneli has knit her Vostok and it’s stunning!
  • Jared Flood (Ravelry), big knitting name who is great at texture.
  • Stephen West (Ravelry), aka the king of stripes. (I also YEARN for his Madelinetosh colourway, in case anyone wants to buy me a present.)
  • Tori Gurbisz (Ravelry), who both makes lovely shawls and with her Zephyr has designed one of the prettiest cardigans on Ravelry, in my opinion. Additionally, she’s published a collection of knitting patterns inspired by myths and fairytales.
  • Kathy Bateman (Ravelry) designs, amongst other things, fun and unique headwear.
  • Meghan Jackson (Ravelry) is another great lace designer.
  • Elsebeth Lavold (Ravelry) who is one of our most famous Swedish designers, has her own yarn brand and designs great Viking inspired knitwear. Anneli visited one of her exhibitions last year and was really tempted by the dress Solveig.

Who are your to-go-to designers of choice? Are there any great designers we’re missing out on? Let us know in a comment!


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