Exciting theme week coming up!

Tove and I have decided to run our first theme week (ever) and we’re really excited about this! Of course we hope that this theme week will come in handy for all of our readers. We’ve decided to share some of our best knit tips and resources.

What do you need to get started? Which are the best online shops for yarn, tools and accessories? Where do you find the best patterns? And where do you get inspiration?

Well, that’s just some of the questions we intend to answer!┬áThese are the topics we’ve planned to cover:

  1. Patterns
  2. Blogs and other online sources
  3. Online shops
  4. Designers
  5. Techniques, tutorials and tools
  6. Books and magazines
  7. Accessories

They are all big topics, we know. We’ll share what we’ve learnt so far and hopefully you can go from there!

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