Miles and miles and miles of stockinette

You know what, I’m totally into this new project. Love the yarn, love the lack of DPNs, love how sturdy 4mm seems after months of 2.5. But you know what?


This is row 54; the pattern calls for stockinette until row 97. That is a LOT of stockinette. Good for knitting around people, terrible as something to keep your mind occupied. SO. Second project needed.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • The yarn
  • Semi-circle or similar in shape
  • NO stockinette sections
  • ALL charts
  • MEMORABLE charts (short repeats)
  • More than one chart; not too repetetive
  • Lace
  • But “edgy”, not cute.

Because, you know, why make it easy when you can make it hard.

So far I have the following contenders:

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Which pattern should I pick?

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If you voted other, please specify in comments (and please keep in mind that I don’t think I picked a single pattern that fits all of those criteria, so… I’m open to suggestions.)


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