The spell of beautiful things

One of the reasons I knit is because I can produce beautiful things. (Very unsatisfactory when they don’t turn out beautiful…)

When some projects comes out tricky I tend to look for more fun projects while thinking about what to do to solve the issues with the last.

Below is one delicate project in a lace Silk/Kashmir blend with Amber gemstones. It’s going to be my own design and I’ve drawn inspiration from the Forget-Me-Nots color wise. The Amber gemstone represents life as parts of life have been preserved in it from ancient times. So I’m thinking to call the pattern “Liv”, which is the Swedish word for life.

Photo 2013-05-10 16 53 37

But there are difficulties with everything and I know myself really well on this point. I really can’t leave big flaws. Like here below, for some reason a part f the yarn was twined so so hard that the stitch definition is totally off. Finally I decided to frog the nice part, cut the yarn and start over.

Photo 2013-05-19 10 50 39


2 thoughts on “The spell of beautiful things

    • I think so too! It’s always hard to know in advance. Not all things work as well in real life as in one’s mind :-)

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