Call for motivation

I had planned to complete my infinity scarf pronto, but unfortunately the yarn won’t be enough… So now I’m facing a grim job, frogging a half pattern repeat without a life-line. I wish I would use the life-line option more often when uncertain. It means that you put a thread through the live stitches on one row. Tove told me floss were ideal and if you attach it to the right-hand needle it will be pulled through automatically.

So to face up to the frogging a call for motivation was needed! I’ve now bought some stuff for a “pimp my scarf”-project. I will put some birds on it as they tend to like sheafs. I was even thinking of letting the mice take part of the left-overs on the ground. And today I just couldn’t resist buying an owl. Owls don’t normally eat from sheafs, but they do like mice (hmm, it’s turning into my own little eco-system…). I will make more birds from modeling clay and glue them onto the pins.

Strass owl

Since I was in the shop anyway, I bought some beads for a few other projects too. I mean, you’ve got to be practical, don’t you?

Photo 2013-05-17 16 49 08


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