I thiiiink I’ve picked a shawl pattern. Regardless of which one it is, though, the same preparations must be done:20130530-205941.jpg

Winding. Note that I did NOT make the mistake of thinking it’d be fun and relaxing to do it by hand; voila, neat ball in five minutes.


I wouldn’t usually swatch for a shawl, but I’m not using the weight in the pattern and I’ve never knit with this yarn before so I wanted to make sure I liked the gauge. It’s the tiniest swatch the world has ever seen, though! (On cable needle ends without a cable attached. Yup. That’s how I roll.)


When I’m not watching sci-fi

I’m continuing with my semi-circle shawl “Liv”. First on the balcony in the sun

Photo 2013-05-25 14 27 12

and then later on while watching the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. My sister has been wild about it and I was kind of bored and needed something new, logged onto Netflix and there it was, thought “hey, why not?” and found myself watching two full episodes in one go. So yes, it is good! So far anyway. Not very sci-fi, but much mystery and magic. I like.

Progress on shawl so far:

Photo 2013-05-25 15 44 33
Photo 2013-05-25 15 44 03

Now I’m thinking about what should come next. Probably a few stockinette rows and then I’m choosing between a new increase row with Amber gemstone beads or to start the next pattern… hmmm… tough decisions!


Miles and miles and miles of stockinette

You know what, I’m totally into this new project. Love the yarn, love the lack of DPNs, love how sturdy 4mm seems after months of 2.5. But you know what?


This is row 54; the pattern calls for stockinette until row 97. That is a LOT of stockinette. Good for knitting around people, terrible as something to keep your mind occupied. SO. Second project needed.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • The yarn
  • Semi-circle or similar in shape
  • NO stockinette sections
  • ALL charts
  • MEMORABLE charts (short repeats)
  • More than one chart; not too repetetive
  • Lace
  • But “edgy”, not cute.

Because, you know, why make it easy when you can make it hard.

So far I have the following contenders:

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Which pattern should I pick?

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If you voted other, please specify in comments (and please keep in mind that I don’t think I picked a single pattern that fits all of those criteria, so… I’m open to suggestions.)


The spell of beautiful things

One of the reasons I knit is because I can produce beautiful things. (Very unsatisfactory when they don’t turn out beautiful…)

When some projects comes out tricky I tend to look for more fun projects while thinking about what to do to solve the issues with the last.

Below is one delicate project in a lace Silk/Kashmir blend with Amber gemstones. It’s going to be my own design and I’ve drawn inspiration from the Forget-Me-Nots color wise. The Amber gemstone represents life as parts of life have been preserved in it from ancient times. So I’m thinking to call the pattern “Liv”, which is the Swedish word for life.

Photo 2013-05-10 16 53 37

But there are difficulties with everything and I know myself really well on this point. I really can’t leave big flaws. Like here below, for some reason a part f the yarn was twined so so hard that the stitch definition is totally off. Finally I decided to frog the nice part, cut the yarn and start over.

Photo 2013-05-19 10 50 39


The last stumbling steps or something

The good news are that my infinity scarf is almost done. The BAD news are that I’m out of yarn.

Yarn left:

Photo 2013-05-24 22 28 45

It might be enough yarn for a bind-off row, but nevertheless I’m short on one last moss row… So, Tove (Saint Tove) suggested undoing the cast-on and frogging one row and should the worst happen I could then borrow some thread from there for binding off the top. Good idea and it might work well, but extremely boring to execute!

And the infinity scarf so far:

Photo 2013-05-24 22 29 05

Oh, and who put Teddy in the corner?

Photo 2013-05-24 22 29 56


Call for motivation

I had planned to complete my infinity scarf pronto, but unfortunately the yarn won’t be enough… So now I’m facing a grim job, frogging a half pattern repeat without a life-line. I wish I would use the life-line option more often when uncertain. It means that you put a thread through the live stitches on one row. Tove told me floss were ideal and if you attach it to the right-hand needle it will be pulled through automatically.

So to face up to the frogging a call for motivation was needed! I’ve now bought some stuff for a “pimp my scarf”-project. I will put some birds on it as they tend to like sheafs. I was even thinking of letting the mice take part of the left-overs on the ground. And today I just couldn’t resist buying an owl. Owls don’t normally eat from sheafs, but they do like mice (hmm, it’s turning into my own little eco-system…). I will make more birds from modeling clay and glue them onto the pins.

Strass owl

Since I was in the shop anyway, I bought some beads for a few other projects too. I mean, you’ve got to be practical, don’t you?

Photo 2013-05-17 16 49 08


Off to the frog pond with you

Whilst clearing out my stash, I uncovered some UFOs.


This is a nearly finished sock I started for my dad eons ago, before I learned what gauge is. I’m pretty sure it could have stood up on its own.


Endpaper Mitts in Tove yarn! I think this was my first ever foray into colourwork. Again, the gauge on this was ridiculous, and the yarn is way too rough for mitts.


This is a scarf embryo in Knit Picks Chroma. I can’t see when I would ever wear it, but I do love the yarn.

So, a couple of minutes later…


Officially frogged.