Coaching my colleague and placing beads

Today I’ve been coaching my colleague. She is knitting my Amethyst Scarf and is doing it a bit differently. We compared:

Photo 2013-04-30 12 27 14

She doesn’t have as small a crochet hook for placing beads as do I (0.6 mm), so she invented her own way using angling line.

First you place the bead on the angling line and then you pull it through the live stitch where you will place the bead.

Photo 2013-04-30 12 29 10

Again pull the angling line through the bead thus forming a loop through the live stitch.

Photo 2013-04-30 12 29 22

Finally you pull the bead from the angling line loop and on to the live stitch:

Photo 2013-04-30 12 29 26


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