Estonian lace and Haapsalu shawls

Nordiska Museet in Stockholm arranges knitting cafés once a month.  I have attended one before and this time I went with my friend Nafiza. We were a handful brave younger knitters while the rest were quite a bit older than us. I would love to see more young people there!

Nordiska museet

This time the presentation was held by Triinu Andreassen who explained the history of traditional Estonian lace and showed some patterns. She has worked for about ten years as an instructor.

Photo 2013-04-24 18 47 08

Afterwards we got a chance to pet and admire her work. Something Tove and I have in common with Triinu is the personal favourite: Merino yarns (weeeell, Malabrigo in her case, Tosh in ours…). But she admitted that the stiffer wool holds the shape much better after blocking.

I didn’t know anything about Estonian lace or the Haapsalu shawls before this evening. So, very interesting!


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