Toshwood 1.0

After many hours spent tweaking it, I’m finally happy with the layout for the blog. (Perfectionist, who’s a perfectionist..?) Anneli and I are calling the colour scheme “Stormy Sea Stitches” and it was based on the very simple idea that she really likes blue and I really like green. The colours used are the following:

#006064 #05296E #24913C #1144AA

#E5FFEB #65E080 #F0F8F9 #A8EDF0

The theme we’re using is Patchwork by Caroline Moore, heavily edited. Thanks to Caroline for the great theme and also for helping with coding!

The fonts used are Droid Sans for main body text, Josefin Slab for entry and sidebar headings, Raleway for the blog header and headings in entries, and EB Garamond for the blog subtitle.

The background image – or “wallpaper” as we like to call it – was generated on and can be found here.

Many thanks to my sister Sanna who proved that the one and a half year she spent studying programming wasn’t wasted time and helped me fix the final few issues I couldn’t work out on my own.

Now with that out of the way, it’s hexipuff time! The weekend is almost over and let’s just say I have NOT finished all four remaining ones…!


5 thoughts on “Toshwood 1.0

  1. I remembered that the big Torchwood T is formed of hexagons…

    Also I don’t get a notification if I comment and someone replies to it, is there any chance you guys can add that? It would be good. :)

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