Watching Who: 6×04 The Doctor’s Wife

Things we’re taking away from this episode:
  • Anneli has been hexipuff brainwashed and sees them everywhere, flying through the universeā€¦!
  • If Tove had a second-hand shop, she’d call it “The scrapyard at the end of the universe”.
  • “Petrichor” is a good name for a yarn colour.
  • Anneli can’t spell scrapyard. Scaryard is ALMOST right, right? (And yet Tove was the one consuming beer. We’re left wondering what Fortnum and Mason put in their tea.)
  • Fish don’t have fingers. Too bad we have to knit gloves for people and not fish.
  • Tove misses Ten’s control room. It could be that she just misses Ten in general.
  • Bunk beds are not cool. Sorry Doctor, you’re wrong.
  • The only water in the forest is the riverā€¦.
Best moment:

Idris: You’re like a nine-year-old trying to rebuild a motorbike in his bedroom. And you never read the instructions.

The Doctor: I always read the instructions.

Idris: There’s a sign on my front door. You have been walking past it for seven hundred years. What does it say?

The Doctor: That’s not instructions!

Idris: There’s an instruction at the bottom. What does it say?

The Doctor: “Pull to open.”

Idris: Yes, and what do you do?

The Doctor: I push!


A solid five out of five DPNs, for being fun, innovative, and oddly moving.


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