My Orion Nebula shawl is finally finished!

So after months (almost a year to be honest…) of knitting, swetting, cursing… IT’S FINALLY FINISHED, blocked and everything!!! Gosh, my fingers are totally hurting and I discovered some nice design features from yesterday when I too determined refused to go to bed. Finally I had to and I did the last 2 rows this morning and a nice stretchy k1, k2tog-tbl bind-off. It’s described in the pattern, but I’ve linked to a youtube video for those who prefer that.

The pattern is called Fylleryd by Mia Rinde and is available for free on Ravelry.

Also I’ve decided that I hate nupps, especially lace nupps… So in this lovely shawl I’ve placed beads instead which gave it the whole nebula touch. I was at loss to what exactly to name it when my sister suggested the nebula theme. After browsing the Internet I felt the Orion Nebula would be a nice choice. If you want to know exactly where in the pattern I’ve placed the beads feel free to check out my notes on Ravelry for my Orion Nebula shawl.

And here’s some pictures :)






PS Stina is helping out with the blocking, making sure it’s done properly. I have to say she behaves much better than some other cats I know…


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