New exciting project

Or rather new project with new exciting yarn!

I’m not sure if it’s destiny or what, but the pattern I stumbled upon is actually called Soft Rainbow Shawl (from Zsuzsa Kiss). That just after I’ve finished my rainbow colored shawl. This one will be gradient, but not rainbow colored. I love the way the teal works it’s way into the brown. I hope it will turn out nicely.

The yarn is the Manitou Evolution in Arial (a super wash ┬ámerino) from Twisted Fiber Arts. It’s a wonderful light finger weight and super soft. I love working with it!




I decided to try out some different fiber. The best way to learn is to try, right? And since I prefer knitting scarfs and other delicate pieces I went ahead and ordered some luxurious fibers that are new to me. The yak fiber is one for example, that I’m still considering how to spin. I also ordered baby camel; the silk, angora and merino blend; and some nice kashmir fluff. They are all fantastically soft!

2014-07-03 15.52.06

Besides this I found a fun package of 28 different sheep fluff 1 oz to try from woolgatherings. I will write more about that separately.




A while ago, several Swedish yarn stores participated in a week long fest to promote and celebrate local yarn stores. As part of this, they held a contest, and I was one of the winners! Woo! I never win anything usually. I was very pleased with my prize, which in my opinion was one of the nicer ones up for grabs: my choice of colour of Naturgarn’s Indiecita yarn, from Valaine Organic Lifestyle.


I picked the colour Indigo and added a few balls to my winnings to make sure I have enough for a cardi. Lovely!


What (k)not to do

I don’t really believe in knitting rules. As long as whatever you’re doing works for you, go for it. There is, however, one exception, one rule I live (knit?) by: No knots in knitting.

I broke this rule the other day. And the results were really… great.


I must start by saying the reason for the knotting happening was that I was completely stumped on how to otherwise join this new ball of single ply 100% silk to the first one. Felting (my go to method) obviously wasn’t going to work, Russian join wasn’t going to work, overlapping the two strands for a few stitches seemed like tempting fate with such a slippery yarn and loose gauge… so I remembered reading about the magic knot a while ago and decided to give it a go.

I may be a knot convert yet. I was pulling like crazy on that knot and it wasn’t going anywhere, and it’s damned near invisible in the project.


All snuggled up with the bumps. Excellent.


Yak going awry

Inspired by the Craftsy class about wool (I’ve written about it earlier) I set out on a fleece discovery and ordered yak (in the picture below) baby camel and a nice blend of angora, merino and silk. All of them considered luxurious fiber.


I tried spinning the yak today. Totally unsuccessful!!! The yarn simply falls apart. The fleece is magnificently soft, but not very long. Either I must go with more twist or simply blend with something else.

A bit disappointed I picked up the angora blend instead and the result was immediate.