Precious knitting moments

With the change of my situation the precious knitting moments have become a rarity. There’s lots of things you can combine: Tea and knitting; Telly and knitting; Telly and breast feeding… But knitting and breast feeding? Not so much. If the baby is contently eating and half asleep you might be able to knit slooowly depending on how entangled your arms are.

So mostly the knitting is just sitting there trying to stare me down. And all I can do is stare back.


And sometimes the baby is fast asleep in her own bed. Then I can sit down with my knitting and the cat can occupy my lap.

Well, until he discoveres there’s yarn involved. Then he completely looses it and I have to fight to protect my knitting.

As for the project, I’m knitting a new version of my fingerless mitts to check the pattern. This time in the wonderful Malabrigo socks.


And then they were two

I’ve finally finished mitten number two!


Tove was happy to assist me in taking some lovely pictures of the finished mitts. With the mitts that nail polish is not too bad, without the mitts you kind if wonder if she went nuts with a highlighter… (I doubt a highlighter would stick and have the same gloss however. Just a random thought. That wage memory of trying it once must be my imagination…)


Now I just have to finish the pattern notes (and sort out a question mark or two). All in good time.



I’m not really meant to be buying yarn (more on that at some later point) but, well. On Saturday I honest-to-God just stumbled upon a yarn store. It was kismet.


Behold the yarn snob in her natural habitat, crouching on the floor with her hands buried in merino.


I felt PROUD of myself for leaving with just this one skein:


Malabrigo Rastita in Nomeolvides. No idea what it’s going to be, but I dug it out from under some other skeins, and…


Thanks to Linn for the pics of the crime scene yarn store visit!



I wanted to do the Brimstone butterfly in lace. My feeble attempts were mocking and I had to give it up. Either it came out kind if weird or just wasn’t really visible (just looked like a bunch of mistakes really).

That is when I sighed and decided to “cheat”. Googling embroidery stitches soon gave my mood an upswing.
Nervously I tried out the straight stitches for the petals and the chain stitches to form the butterfly (okay, so I had to redo them a couple of times before I got it right…). The latter looks as if they were knitted on.

chain stitch3
2014-03-28 11.32.22
Feeling very pleased with myself I can now proceed with mitten number two. (Hmm, mirroring a pattern seems a LOT easier than it is. I’m just saying…)



Sometimes it’s hard to stay serious when posing in front of a cake.

You may be suddenly ravenous for the cake…


…. or thinking you’re a cake salesperson…


… or an even cheesier cake salesperson…


… or Downton Abbey-esque proper ladies (because the lampshade looked like a parasol):


And then when you go to post the photographic evidence you may come up with cheesy puns for your cheesy pictures. You’re welcome. ;-)


Wheel “adoption”

Unlike Anneli, I didn’t have the luck of finding an “antique” spinning wheel (not to mention that it’d be very hard to fit one in my flat), which was one of the reasons I decided to go for a new, modern one. I ended up choosing the Fantasia because of three things: features, price, and design. Fantasia gives you a lot of wheel for a very reasonable price, and I really like the more modern look, and I think it goes well in my home!

Once I had selected which wheel to get I had to decide WHERE to get it. I ended up buying it from a Danish seller, Charlotte at Ægbækgaard. The reason I chose Charlotte’s shop was that not only did she have a great price (both the item AND shipping was cheaper than in the Swedish shop…), she replied to my email within an hour, and was consistently great in regards to correspondence.

Once I placed my order I had my wheel within a week, and Charlotte had added some lovely bonuses:


Both the book and the undyed roving where “extras” that Charlotte added. Such a lovely gesture that really put the cherry on top of an already great purchase! I will definitely return to Ægbækgaard for other purchases – they have some really lovely roving in a variety of different fibres…


WIP Wednesday: Something yellow goes for “best thumb ever”

It’s a new pattern that I’m working on and I’m almost done with the right-hand fingerless mitt. After Tove’s praises of the “best thumb ever” I decided to incorporate that in my new pattern, but with a little twist. It’s coming along nicely and right now I’m just sooo eager to finish up and inspect the result!

2014-03-24 20.21.05w


Happy anniversary Toshwood!!!

I can’t believe we’ve been blogging about knitting for a whole year! Exactly one year ago we published our first blog post on Toshwood. It’s been a great year of knitting, yarn and spinning. Tove and I would like to thank all of our wonderful readers!


And just because we’re sooo proud of our Toshwood cake: