My brother is getting married in September. I know, it is only February, and what am I up to? Planning what to wear… I was considering designing a bolero as it will most likely be a little cool. Something nice to go with the dress(es). But I’m not sure I have time to stick in a new project of that size and finish at the end if summer. 

After giving it some more thought I think giving an effort to finish my Silver Belle. Thunderstorm will go wonderfully with both dark blue snd dark green. And I’ve been thinking of placing a few sterling silver beads to give it a touch of the starry night sky. We’ll see. 

Annoyingly enough this is when the &@);&)?!?!!? knitting wire broke. Can it even do that?! The project is now safely moved to a new wire. But soo frustrating when I have so little knit time as it is. 


Sudoku mystery unravelled

Well, here it is: A knitted Rococo necklace. I’m trying to work out what a Rococo selfie would look like.

What do you think? Am I close?


The power of packaging

I ordered some indie self striping sock yarn (shut up) the other week, and it finally arrived alllll the way from New Zealand.


At first I thought this was a dumb way to package yarn when sending it across the globe… But that was before I opened it and saw how ADORABLE the packaging was.




And the yarn is pretty awesome too!


Ravenclaw socks coming up


Combing or carding?

Not sure which is best yet: Combing or carding fleece. My ambition is always to make a yarn as soft as possible. Carding doesn’t really give that result. Instead the fibers are a little dissorganized and sprawly. That is why I’ve been eyeing some wool combs online, but they aren’t exactly cheap, so for trying out combing I’m borrowing Stina’s comb (I don’t think she minds. She doesn’t approve of that comb as it is anyway).


Washing alpaca fleece

I’m trying to wash the alpaca fleece before combing and spinning it.

Basically I just took a bin, filled it up with finger warm water, added some soapnut decoction (made that myself, boiled 50 grams of soapnuts in a couple of cups of water for about 10 minutes) and then put the fleece in.
I let it soak over night before rinsing it in fresh water. But very carefully to avoid felting.

Now it’s spread out on s towel to dry.
This black fleece is so pretty. My mind is running wild with spinning and dying ideas. (Well, obviously I can’t dye the black, but I could combine it with another fleece…)